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(Industry’s first wife on a baseball card)


10 thoughts on “Work With Me”

  • Dear Lauren,

    I just read an article about you in the local newspaper in Hong Kong, and came to this blog and read your post and saw your videos. Can feel your positive energy through my iPhone screen, I really like your attitude and wholesomeness! Since there is notch info on your makeup routine, may I know which eyeliner you are using? It looks so great around your eyes!


    If you have an email address that you can tell me, I can send you the photo of your news article in the Hong Kong paper.

  • Hi Lauren,
    I read your article on your wedding details. I too used traci Burke and I am currently on week 8 waiting for my pictures. Very disappointed. Any tricks to get them faster? How long did your video take. In need of emotional support at this point lol

    Love your blog!

    • It is something that I am sad to say, I still haven’t gotten what I wanted from them regarding my video. I worked so hard on the entire day’s details as I’m sure you did as well, and it is all edited out. I would just keep on them as best you can, and hopefully they will find it in their hearts to finish. The bad thing is that they have all the payment, so they are no longer motivated. I tried posting my review of them on various wedding sites, but they were so terrible, treating to get a lawyer to sue me. It was seriously crazy. All I wanted were my pictures and video, and to warm other brides about their expectations of what you were paying for. I am so sorry you are also experiencing this. I know you just want to have those memories. I wasted so many tears on these people. Hopefully you will get it all soon!
      Best of luck!

  • I live in Jupiter (former catcher) and am taking my girlfriend to Tokyo in 2 weeks — any restaurant recommendations or other tourist tips? 🙂 (nice article in Palm Beach Post)

  • Lauren,
    This is my first time on your website and I just wanted to tell you how much I love it.
    I am definitely going to try some of your recipes. I have actually had the chance to try some of your cooking and it is amazing. I look forward to watching for new postings.

  • I am a Japanese-American fan of you and your husband living stateside (as well as a huge ufc fan). You are a beautiful and intelligent girl and I can see why they love you in Japan. Your husband is a lucky man.
    First, I think you should have this site in japanese as well for your japanese fans, and I think you should have a youtube channel with japanese subtitles. You have a lot of knowledge to share.
    I also think you should get into merchandising i.e. shirts, accessories. I get the feeling that your husband is just looking to boost his profile in the NPB so he can get back to MLB, but you might as well take advantage of your fame while it lasts. Can’t wait to see you as a ring girl again you’re one of the G.O.A.T.! Keep up the great work!

    • Thank you so much! We are actually in the works in getting some shirts and things out there! Thank you for your thoughts and support!

  • I love that you are into health and nutrition and ph importance. I was surprised to see you did not use or endorse Kangen Water. Lets talk…. Please visit my website 🙂

    by the way 🙂 some of your recipes look wonderful and I will have to try a few.

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