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Welcome to Fearless Charm! This blog is for the health conscious woman who loves to entertain. It is for the woman who loves to create beautiful things with a small amount of effort and time. Whether it is the demands of your daily job, relationship, kids, or all of the above; it is nice to take a minute from grinding it all out and breathe in something beautiful! Fearless Charm is a cozy creative outlet to find and share beauty, entertaining, healthy food and lifestyle inspiration. It is a place to find and share mommy and baby related advice and experiences.  Fearless Charm is about finding beauty in little things in life, to make the everyday a little more special no matter where you are. It is a place to learn or try something new, to be inspired, to spice things up a bit, to be fearless, lovely and chic in your everyday life!

The Book

Fearless Charm is now a book! Due to Lauren’s popularity in Japan, she was approached to do a style book as an extension of her blog from the Japanese publishing company Futabasha. It is a closer glimpse into her world with lifestyle tips from Lauren for all her supporters. The Fearless Charm book is currently on shelves in Japan, and also available online through Amazon Japan.


Meet Lauren         lauren100515_0634

Hello there! I am Lauren. It’s nice to meet you. Welcome to my blog and crazy life! I started this blog when my husband got an offer to leave the MLB and play for the Tokyo Giants. Yes, after only two days of marriage, on our honeymoon, we had to make the decision to leave our current jobs for a new adventure. As a kindergarten teacher, certified wellness coach, and food enthusiast, a blog seemed like the perfect fit for me to share my passions, and lets face it, it gave me something to do since I had to leave my job back home. I currently split my time between south Florida and Tokyo Japan with my husband and our new baby girl.  I no longer teach or have time to shave my legs let a lone go to the gym, being a baby mama and the wife of a man with a taxing job. With all that my daily life demands, I really try and stay as reflective and appreciative for each moment that I can.  As a lover of all things beautiful, I find joy in making everyday things charming and special. Whether at an elaborate dinner party or casual get together, I love feeding my family and friends dishes that are not only pleasing to their tummies but also pleasing to their eyes. As a certified wellness coach, I am obsessed with health and fitness trends, putting a healthy spin on family favorite recipes, and finding new naturally safe products for myself and my family. As a previous kindergarten teacher and home owner, I love crafting and DIY projects; never shying away from a hand sander or glue gun project!



Getting to know Lauren


What do you like to do in your spare time?

Creating Recipes: Cooking and creating new recipes is something that brings warmth to my soul. I love experimenting in the kitchen. Some of my best dishes where thrown together by leftovers and scraps found in my refrigerator and pantry.

Gatherings: I love bringing people together. I love to have dinner parties, gatherings, and parties where I get to cook and decorate, making things extra special for my friends and family. In my opinion, nothing is better than good food, beautiful surroundings, and good people making memories together.

Travel: I love to travel and experience new things. I love learning about the world around me. Whether it is an hour drive away from home, or a 12 hour flight, exploring new places or revisiting old ones. Taking the time to enjoy your life is something that people sadly forget to do.

Getting crafty: Michaels is one of my favorite places to go other than the grocery store! I have so much fun taking something old and rundown and making it beautiful again. Whether it is painting, building, or decorating, I enjoy connecting with my creative side.

Something for the soul: I try to remember to take time for myself, to connect to my inner being, and live a mindful life. Whether a it’s going on a walk, sitting in my garden, going on a bike ride, writing in my journal, doing some yoga, or breaking a sweat at the gym; I know I am my best self when I truly allow myself to disconnect for a little while and center myself. It’s simply a time to check in, breathe, and appreciate the world around me.

I love going to the horse track, shows, festivals, green markets, and nature parks.

What are your interests?

Well I have a few!

Cooking: Like I said before, I love to cook. I love to create new recipes or put my own spin on existing ones. I hold food in such a high regard for a healthy happy life. It is a love language for me to cook or bake for someone I love. It is something I put so much of myself into.

Health: I am a health fanatic. I am a certified wellness coach, I am always reading and learning of ways to maintain optimum health in a natural way. I hate the idea of medicine as a cure all. I think that life style and what we put on and into our bodies can drastically improve our health. There is so much out there that many people aren’t aware of, good and bad. I like to keep things as natural as possible, to maintaining my health and wellness. It is something that I am continuously researching and learning. I also love to workout! Some days I love going to the gym and throwing weight around. I love to feel strong. Other days, it’s more about connecting with my body and mind, in which I will do some yoga or take a long hike outside.

Kids: I LOVE kids. I think they are the key to staying young and happy. It brings me such joy to experience the world all over again through the eyes of a child. I loved teaching kindergarten and tutoring some older children. It is an amazing thing to watch kids grow and learn. The world is a big place of hope, possibility, and excitement.

Photography: I have always loved taking pictures and get really into the angles and perspective of each shot. I love the idea a preserving your memories and experiences on film. It is another way to experience beauty in the world around you, forcing you to really take the time and see things that you might normally walk right by.

Beauty: I love natural ways of achieving and preserving beauty, but I also love makeup. As a little girl, I would sit on the bathroom rug and watch my mom put her make up on at her vanity. She always looked so gorgeous, I couldn’t wait to get into that stuff. I love putting on makeup to go out. Getting dressed up or in jeans and a t-shirt, make up is another way to express your creativity and to experiment with different sides of yourself, just like you do with fashion.



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